Meet the Need: Vision 2020 Sunday | Presentation January 25

In January 2012, Sherwood began the Meet the Need campaign. We are continuing our vision of ministering to those in our community, nation and world in 2015. Please join us at Sherwood Baptist Church for our Meet the Need Vision 2020 Sunday on January 25.

Through this campaign we will:
MEET THE NEED in our world.
MEET THE NEED in our community.
MEET THE NEED in our church.

The Meet the Need campaign will allow us to better accomplish Sherwood's mission "to touch the whole world, with the whole Word, motivated by a passion for Christ and compassion for all people."

The Campaign consists of 8 initiatives:
1) Dutch in Germany - UUPG (Unreached, Unengaged People Group) do not have the ability to evangelize themselves. Meet the Need keeps an IMB missionary sent from Sherwood in the area as a constant presence and witness to reach this people group. 
2) Cuba -UPG (Unreached People Group) need help evangelizing. Meet the Need has allowed Sherwood to partner with a pastor and church in Cuba. 
3) Church Plants - We are currently supporting NAMB church plants in Baltimore, San Francisco, Cleveland, and New Orleans.
4) ReFRESH Conference - The ReFRESH® Conferences are helping pastors find revival and spiritual renewal. The first ReFRESH® in New England is September 24-25, 2015.
5) International Mission Board - Sherwood would like to give $1 million above what's planned to (IMB) missions by 2020. Though it began in 2010, this goal was incorporated in the Meet the Need campaign in 2012.
6) Coke Plant - Local missions at the Coke Plant in Albany, GA, is reaching the inner city community.
7) Sherwood Christian Academy - A ministry of Sherwood Baptist Church, Sherwood Christian Academy staff partners with Christian parents to provide students with a quality, Bible-based education.
8) Church Building Project - We are constructing new buildings on the church campus for the next generation who will become a part of Sherwood over the next 50+ years. These facilities will be used for discipleship, evangelism, and many facets of ministry. We are in Phase 2 of the project.

Vision 2020 Sunday
Meet the Need Update
Sunday, January 25 at 9:30 am