Meet the Need: FAQ's

Q | Will mission trips be limited to those trips slated to the Unreached and Unengaged People Groups and the Unreached People Groups only?

No, there will still be ongoing mission projects through SCA, as well as, through our Children’s Ministry and Youth Group. There will still be trips both in country and out that will focus on those outside the UPG and UUPG we are working with. We want to be more missional in the coming years than we have ever been in our history. 

Q | What are we building?

This building project has several elements. The first is a youth facility that will be large enough to house the youth Sunday school and provide worship space for 400 youth. The second element is a more modern children and preschool building that will give us the space we need in these areas. We are also replacing Faith Hall with a three story structure. It will provide two stories of education space, a new community area. The current Fellowship Center will be expanded. The recent renovations have prepared us to expand this facility into the current area occupied by the Ron Dunn Center, the Pit and offices. These will ultimately be relocated to other areas in the new building.

Q | Why is this needed?

The main purpose of the building project is to provide the facilities and resources for our church to “Meet the Need” in our community, our nation and our world. This continues by updating our current facilities. The Youth are currently meeting for Sunday School in space we lease from the Dougherty County School System. They sit in elementary size seats and have to cross over a road in all-weather to attend. The youth have also outgrown their Wednesday night worship area and are meeting in the Fellowship Center. This cost us classroom space needed on Wednesday night and is not ideal for the youth service as the Fellowship Center is a commonly used exit.

In our preschool area we are operating in buildings that are over 50 years old and inadequate for our current needs. If we are to reach families in our region these areas have to be addressed. These buildings have served us well, but do not meet the needs of a 21st century growing church family committed to the next generation.

Q | Why are we not using the Library for youth space and what will we use it for?

After many discussions and evaluation of the space, the library is not big enough for our current youth needs. The first priority will be to use the facility in the transition of the building project. The purchase of the library has allowed us to begin expanding our parking. 

Q | How was this master plan developed?

An architectural engineering firm (Clark, Patterson, Lee) was hired to analyze or current facilities and usage. .  They provided several options for a master plan. Clark Patterson Lee was retained and has exceeded expectations in the master plan. They worked with our Vision Planning Team to reach a final plan. 

Q | In this economy, would we be better waiting?

We cannot afford to wait. The current facility is limiting growth and while the economy is soft, the church is in a stronger position financially now than we were when we built the current sanctuary. Interest rates are also very favorable at this time.

Q | Will we use movie money for this project?

It has always been our intention to use extra resources to fulfill the vision and mission of Sherwood Baptist Church. The funds have been used in the past, along with the sacrificial giving of our membership to accelerate debt payoff, the completion of Legacy Park and to invest in church planting, missions, etc; 

We will be using funds generated by Sherwood Pictures to continue to advance our mission. The key is, if our Jerusalem is not strong, we can’t reach in Antioch and the uttermost parts of the earth. The entire project impacts us locally, nationally and internationally. 

Therefore, we have concluded that an appropriate use of movie funds would be to match dollar for dollar all gifts given from the congregation. The congregation still has the responsibility to accomplish this; however, the project is not dependent upon movie revenue. It is important to note, Sherwood Pictures is not responsible for this project. We as the members of Sherwood Baptist are responsible, but we have the window of matching gifts to encourage us to give sacrificially. The more we give, the sooner the debt is eliminated.

Q | Will this hinder us supporting missions with proceeds from Sherwood Pictures?

No. We are still committed to use a portion of those funds to support missions both here and abroad. 20% of the entire project is going to be given to missions. 

Q | How are we raising money for this project?

The project will be funded through yearly giving campaigns. The goal of the campaigns is to raise $10 million. In addition to these funds, Sherwood Pictures proceeds will match dollar for dollar the actual giving to the campaign. 

Q | Will we borrow money to build these buildings?

We will not have to borrow the full amount, but yes in all likelihood we will have to finance a portion of the project. Initially there will be a construction loan. The unpaid balance at the completion of the construction loan will become a fixed loan that we will pay according to the payment schedule. The debt we might incur will be manageable. 

Q | If the economy gets worse and giving declines, can we stop construction?

Lack of giving will not stop construction once we are committed to the project. The current plan will call for having debt paid off by 2020. A decline in giving will simply push back the payoff.

Q| Will the church accept items of value such as stock, land, jewelry and other valuables?

Yes. We will accept non-cash gifts of value. Receipt of the gift will be acknowledged in a letter from the church to the donor. The donor is responsible to the IRS to identify the value of the gift.

Q | What is the time frame?

We will begin raising funds almost immediately with the first pledge date on February 5, 2012. The pastor called us to enter into a season of prayer on December 11th. We will have been in that season of prayer for almost a month when the project is announced. In January, the church will be called to increased intercession for 21 days as we move forward and the vision is communicated. We hope to begin actual construction before the end of 2012. 

Q | How will construction impact our current church activities?

As was the case with the construction of the current sanctuary, the construction will work around the church services. We will use the library, the gym and Sherwood Acres Elementary school as swing space for classes during construction. Part of the Joy buildings and Faith Hall will be left in place for use as well. The staff will be working to accomplish this in the most efficient way possible. As with any project, patience is required. By doing all the buildings at once, we are cutting nearly one year off of construction and will realize significant savings.

Q | Will this provide more space for Sunday School?

Yes. We will be able to pull the youth back into our own facilities and have room to grow our preschool and children’s ministries as well. Every age group will realize the impact of this project.

| Will we go back to one Sunday School?

No. It is better stewardship of the resources if we build with multiple uses in mind. With the current rate of growth (5%), we anticipate the need to go into two worship services and three Sunday Schools in the future. This is a sign of a healthy church that is reaching this region for Christ. We can willingly adjust because we are committed to the Great Commission and the Great Commandment. 

Q | What are the major events between now and the initiation of the project?

January 15, 2012
Question and Answer Session in the Fellowship Center 2pm—5pm

January 17, 2012
Question and Answer Session in the Fellowship Center 5pm—7pm

January 22, 2012
Vote with no discussion in AM service

February 05, 2012
Pledge Day and our First Fruits Offering

Q | Is this absolutely necessary?

It is the consensus of our Pastor and leadership that we must do this. To not do this will ultimately lead to a church in decline and buildings in decay. Around this country, churches have not seized their moment to make a bold move and are now dying. Growing pains are much better than dying pains. 

This is necessary because we are committed to be a Great Commission church. It is necessary because we need to reach our Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria and the uttermost parts of the earth. It is necessary because we must be good stewards of the blessing and favor we have seen from the hand of God. The leadership of the church firmly believes this is God’s preferred future for Sherwood. To do anything less would take us down a dead end road of status quo. He has called us to a preferred future and to be obedient to that call, remaining at status quo is not an option.

| What now? 

We are asking you to pray diligently and give sacrificially. We are going to do something together that would be impossible as individuals. The impact of your prayers and giving will be local and global. You will make a difference in time and eternity. Whether on this main campus, at SCA, at Legacy Park, at the Coke Plant or in a church plant or mission field, Sherwood will be able to continue saying, “We are reaching the world from Albany, Georgia.” What a great future we have.