Meet the Need In Our Community

Local Missions

Our Current Mission Opportunities include: Alpha Pregnancy Center; Biblical Counseling Center; Havner Mission House; Drey Line; SCA; Legacy Park; Lord’s Pantry; Operation Christmas Child; The Anchorage; Albany Outreach Center; Disaster Relief Training; and KidzBlast.


Ongoing Missions at the Coke Plant

Since the Coke Plant was gifted to Sherwood Baptist Church in 2011, we have renovated and improved the facilities, added brand new outreaches, and have assisted and ministered to hundreds in the inner-city area of our community. It is also Sherwood's central location for disaster relief efforts in Albany, including the January 2017 devastating storm. The Meet the Need campaign helped us further renovate the facilities to better accommodate the needs of those who visit the Coke Plant.





We are hoping to partner with our UUPG, our UPG, the NAMB, the IMB, and the church plants we are supporting by inviting pastors, leaders, and missionaries to our various ReFRESH® conferences for training and encouragement. We would like to see the ReFRESH® Conferences expand from 2 yearly meetings to 6 yearly meetings around the United States. Beginning in 2014, we will expand one city every two years until we have six conferences in six cities around the country. As of January 2017, ReFRESH has expanded across the United States from the Northeast (Lancaster, PA) to the West (Las Vegas, NV), and even to Alaska!