Outcomes of the Project

1) Local Missions

• Legacy Park - add playground and additional restrooms

• Ongoing and increased ministry at the Coke Plant

• As part of our ongoing commitment to SCA, we will execute a master plan of the ministry and mission of SCA with a view toward building on our commitment to this key area of ministry; a recommendation will follow this evaluation


2) National Missions

• Continued support for Captivate Church (Baltimore) and Epic Church (San Francisco)

• In 2012, begin support for Gateway Church in the Heights (Cleveland)

• Partnering with NAMB to help launch 8 additional church plants


3) International Missions 

• Increased support for IMB

• Begin work with our Unreached People Group | Cuba

• Identify and begin ministering to our Unreached Unengaged People Group


4) Facilities

• New/renovated facilities for ALL age groups

• New Preschool / Children spaces (worship & education)

• New Youth Building

• Additional Adult / Senior Adult Bible Study space

• New community spaces including a bookstore, café, indoor playground and outdoor playground


5) Site Improvements

• More efficient traffic flow in the facilities

• Improvement for parking and accessibility

• Enhanced safety and security

• More energy efficient facilities


6) Positions Sherwood for Future Growth

• Enhanced utilization of existing facilities

• Prepared and ready to accommodate growth

• Visible and tangible commitment to Mission Statement


7) Greater Legacy of Faith and Obedience

• Further obedience to the Great Commission

• Faithful and accountable stewards of God’s resources

• Laying a strong foundation for generations who will follow us

• Believing God for the vision