Why Now? 

Why do we need to address these issues now?

1) Enables us to be a more missional church.

2) Some of our educational space was built over 50 years ago.

3) We have failed to attract families because our current spaces.

4) Due to growth we are currently out of Sunday School space. 

5) We need to provide adequate facilities for the next generation as the previous generation did for us.



Clark Patterson Lee has created a master plan to help us continue to provide ministry during the construction of the new buildings. Once the construction begins, parts of the current building will be taken down in phases. 

The Bible Study team is currently working on a plan to ensure Sunday School, Wednesday night activities, and discipleship opportunities are not interrupted. Flexibility and a strong hope in the preferred future for Sherwood will be needed in these days until construction is complete.



December 11, 2011 Church called to Prayer

January 08, 2012 21 Days of Prayer Began—Awakening

January 15, 2012 Initial Presentation of the 2020 Vision in AM Service

January 22, 2012 Vote in AM Service with no discussion

February 05, 2012 Pledge Day and our First Fruits Offering

April 07, 2013  Groundbreaking Ceremony

May 08, 2013 Pastor Catt kicks off demolition

July 30, 2014 SCA Groundbreaking Ceremony

August 23, 2014 Open House/Tours of the new facilities, The Source Cafe opens

August 24, 2014 First Sunday in the new Educational facilities (Phase 1)

Spring 2016   Facilities completed